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Today we will look at one day in the life of Mary Barone, Adrasdea on YouTube. She will lie, bring up old beefs from 3 years ago, and may even be trying to commit a second murder!

Who is John Lee Baird? Well, I am very glad you asked. Activists in Austin, TX revere this man (Registered Sex Offender) to a great degree, and one slanderous blogger in particular I will name later has associated themself with him by their own admission and will continue on to defend him at length, so let me save you some time and just explain it all now so as we go on, you can see this austin activist's sick, twisted idea of what a decent person is. More specifically, what "Not a pedophile" is.

Website Update 01/13/2023 Welcome to VivaLasTejas.Com version 2.0! I hope you are enjoying the redesign and re-organization of the content on this site thus far, but I assure you there is more to come this week as I roll out different features. As you can see, the Players Club has been eliminated in favor of... […]

Let us talk for just a moment about James Robert Clark III. Just as "Lesbian Laura" cited and mounted a defense of convicted child sex offender John Lee Baird in part 1 of his blog, she does the same in parts 2 and 3 regarding a man on YouTube by the name of James Robert Clark III.  Just as it was VERY IMPORTANT you knew the story of John Lee Baird, so that we didn’t have to keep debunking claim after claim about him not being a sex offender or pedophile, we must now quickly do the same with James Robert Clark. It will pay off, just as Baird did, and this will be rather quick. IT SEEMS LESBIAN LAURA IS ABOUT TO ADD ANOTHER PEDOHILE AND A LGBT HATING NAZI TO HER LIST OF PEOPLE SHE ENDORCED TODAY!

Website Updates 01/14/2024 It was a pretty busy night on the development side, but I have some great features to roll out for our members today: You now have a Las Tejas Social account right here on the site, included with your membership. You can find links to your social feed and profile on your... […]

independent creators are being contacted increasingly often by illegitimate film festival scam artists from overseas. This is how they do it.

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