What is VivaLasTejas.Com?

VivaLasTejas.com is a repository for all of my content, wether it be late night, individual videos or long form feature docs, I hope to make this website the first place the audience can go for any of this content. The less beholden we can be to any given platform at any given time, the better.

What happened to the Players Club?

After 2 years I have ended the VivaLasTejas.Com players club in favor of a single $5.00 membership offering. This way, hopefully everyone can afford to join and enjoy these videos, forums and more as well as support late night. Eventually I hope this website will generate enough income that I can stop begging you for your money on Late Night. If you had a Players Club membership, I have cancelled it at this time, and I would hope you consider signing up for a less expensive subscription to continue your support.

What is Las Tejas?

Las Tejas is a fictional city, technically in Mexico, created by Adonis Paul and his best friend Pablo. Las Tejas is the setting for most of the animated content on this site, and the home of Adonis Paul’s Pleasure Palace Casino, Hotel, Resort and Gun Range

Why can I not see some of the content?

Series such as Late Night and Girls gone viking, among others are for members only. You can however enjoy a number of other videos and features available for free. I would however ask you consider supporting Las Tejas’ growth by subscribing

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