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Due to Adonis Paul being a true American hero, we are now allowing anyone to subscribe to VivaLasTejas.Com for only $5.00 a month! Essentially this website is similar to Patreon, (which we cannot use because we are bullies) except with good content and you don’t have to pay a corporation to support Adonis Paul and Late Night. 

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Every month the older episodes of Late Night, L8H8, APAM and other broadcasts are removed from free social media such as YouTube due to ever changing platform rules and community guidelines, and deposited here on VivaLasTejas into easily searchable archives. When you subscribe to VivaLasTejas.com you will be given access to the archives of all the below content, and much more! Never miss another late night, get access to members only content and feel better than your peers by affirming that you are not poor and can afford to subscribe to VivaLasTejas.Com. All of this is yours for only $5.00!