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Welcome to Las Tejas! A fictional town just south of the U.S Border and home to Adonis Paul’s Pleasure Palace Hotel, Casino, Resort and Gun Range. Our only goal here, is to entertain you. I scour the earth for all the videos that will make you laugh, cry and lose hope in humanity, and the collection of these travesties is broadcast live every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 11pm cst on Late Night with Adonis Paul. Adonis Paul was created and voiced by John McIntyre, a native of Houston, Texas. Adonis Paul is not real and does not necessarily espouse the opinion of the creator. You have nothing to fear from Adonis Paul, he is fictional. We started Late Night in September of 2020 and have been growing and going strong ever since. Late Night is a cheeseburger for your brain. It’s not necessarily good for you, but it feels so great. Late Night with Adonis Paul is the most fun you can have on the internet without paying $4.99 a minute. But that’s not all! The Pleasure Palace cartoon project is also going strong again, and all episodes will be uploaded here first, before being seen on Youtube, Twitch, Rumble or any other platform we are on. It is also worth mentioning that This website and the content on it are all brought to you by YOUR generosity. This is rare, un-besmirched entertainment free of corporate influence and virtue signaling. The only people we are concerned with in Las Tejas are YOU, our guests.

Late Night With Adonis Paul

It’s not impossible to stumble backwards into something new and innovative by using a very simple formula. I was bored and wanted something to watch on the internet, so I made a list of the things I wanted to see on a program and got to work making it. Dancing girls? yep. Casino atmosphere, Late Night show theme, multiple viral videos, news clips, and more all in one place? All of that. Welcome to Late Night. Late Night with Adonis Paul has been the flagship program of Las Tejas for some time now, and while I intend to branch out into different forms of content, I don’t know if any of it would be complete without a little bit of Adonis Paul in it. AP is a character close to my heart, and while we don’t share all of the same opinions, a little of the best of me goes into Adonis Paul. All sentimentality aside, Late Night is an amazing perfect storm of music, live video editing, commentary, animation and the best community of people on the internet in our chat. I invite you to come by and have a laugh with us at the Pleasure Palace!

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