The Curious Case Of John Lee Baird

Who is John Lee Baird? Well, I am very glad you asked. Activists in Austin, TX revere this man (Registered Sex Offender) to a great degree, and one slanderous blogger in particular I will name later has associated themself with him by their own admission and will continue on to defend him at length, so let me save you some time and just explain it all now so as we go on, you can see “Laura’s” twisted idea of what a decent person is. More specifically, what “Not a pedophile” is.

News Article Regarding the arrest of John Lee Baird

First I will explain why I am writing this. It might surprise you that it is NOT because of John Lee Baird. This article has been penned because an Austin Activist blogger I will call “Lesbian Laura” (for now) is the author of the hilarious libel-blog you might remember from last year. The one that called everyone reading this a member of my white supremacist gang “Las Tejas”? The author of the most ridiculous and laughable slander-fail in recent memory? Well, SHE IS A HUGE SUPPORTER AND ADMITTED ASSOCIATE of  Mr. Baird.

This is according to her Blog she wrote under the pseudonym “Posie Bindel”. She assets Baird did nothing wrong, was never charged, and he is the INNOCENT VICTIM of an alt right harassment campaign…Without ever being contacted, threatened or harassed. Of course, “Lesbian Laura” shows no proof of any of that, and we will see that is a pattern with her. But back to the man she states IS NOT A PEDOPHILE and DID NOTHING WRONG. The teacher in the image above who sexually assaulted a student.

John Lee Baird was a youtuber who used to go by the names Tyro Moonhopper and Tyro Inchoate on social media. Baird, as Tyro, would involve himself in a number of online communities and live streams becoming relatively well known in his algorithmic circle. I had even spoken to this man a few times, most notably, If you were to, for instance go back to my Video: The Scoobie331 Saga: a furry hope, available on my YouTube channel and website. At the 1 hour and 8 minute mark you would find this

John Lee Baird communicating online in June 2019 under assumed internet alias Tyro Inchoate. He also used the aliases "Tyro Moonhopper" and "Return of the grasshopper"

Watch The Scoobie331 Saga: A Furry Hope, in its entirety Here

I had also encountered him on a weekly livestream at the time entitled “The Cuntstream”. Tyro seemed like a pretentious, holier than thou jerk, but nothing OVERTLY offensive about him that I knew at that time. He was certainly weird. He would brag that 100% of the media he consumed was anime (Japanese cartoons) This was in 2018 and 2019, when I first started the Adonis Paul Channel. So as you can see, Baird, or Tyro as he was known online, was fairly active and well known. He would go on livestreams, he would even DM people on the behalf of internet lolcows and involve himself in other people’s Drama.

Well…Roughly around December 24th 2022 from what I have been able to gather, information leaked that Tyro had been a very very naughty moonhopper.

In December 2014, John Lee Baird was accused of sexual misconduct with a student when he was working as a math teacher at Reagan High School in Austin Texas. Allegedly he had begun an online relationship with a girl who was 14 years old via Facebook. On December 19th according to reports, at noon John Lee Baird picked her up from school without her parents permission and took her to his home where allegedly a sexual encounter occurred with the underage girl.

Another news story about the alleged crime of John Lee Baird

According to the incident report, the girl returned home after 6 hours of being missing and explained she had been with John Lee Baird at his apartment where the two had watched movies and played video games. The child’s mother feared a sexual encounter had occurred and scheduled a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Exam) for the following day, December 20th 2014. This is the examination used to collect evidence that remains after a sexual assault. BUT NOT BEFORE POSTING THIS ON HIS BLOG, ON 12/19/2014

Detective Frank Allocca was assigned to the case and received the results of the SANE exam from the victims mother. On December 23rd 2014 an interview with both the parent and the victim were conducted resulting in the victim breaking down, becoming fearful and crying. The 14 year old girl then told them how she had met the 33 year old Teacher, on the social Media site Facebook and after sending each other private messages for approximately 1 month he had gotten her to agree to meet with him. That is when they arranged to meet at noon at the victim’s school at her early release time. According to the affidavit shown here, he was then reported to have committed the felony offense of sexual assault against the child.

Baird was charged initially with 7 counts of sexual assault on a child, Example of specific charges below:

Examples of a few of the charges leveled against John Lee Baird, who Austin Activist "Lesbian Laura" tried to blindly scam the LGBT community into supporting

Baird was arrested, he resigned from his teacher position, and the official was changed to enticing a child according to this news report published in 09/24/2016, as opposed to sexual assault, as listed in the affidavit we saw earlier.

News article showing John Lee Baird was charged originally with the crime of enticement, not Sexual assault of a minor.

His charges changed again at some point when Baird pled guilty to Indecency with a child by exposure issued 10 years probation with deferred Adjudication. Deferred adjudication is a kind of probation that gives you the opportunity to keep your conviction off your criminal record. Baird did in fact according to court records plead guilty to the crime, however the judge decided that if he does not violate his probation or reoffend, this will not have to show up as a conviction on his criminal record and he may remain a free man. Violating these terms can carry penalties up to and including revocation of probation and jail term.

But I am not here to speculate in this piece. I have not seen reports showing the VERBATUM testimony of this child and I don’t want to. For our purposes today, John Lee Baird received 10 years deferred adjudication for the crime of Indecency with a child by exposure. One way or the other, the court agrees and Baird agreed that one person saw the others naughty bits at the apartment that day. We know some manner of negotiations took place because as Baird seemingly does not deny picking the child up from her school that day, the charge of enticement was changed.

Also a strange detail, apparently Baird had admitted online that he WAS a sex offender but his story was a little…Different. This according to Gilded Poo on YouTube

John Baird reportedly told his friends online that he was a registered sex offender and admitted to raping a 14 year old girl on accident.

I must admit I do find it suspicious that his story to people before they found out who he was and could simply google the news stories, was that he had slept with a 14 year old girl at a party and simply did not know her age. If this is true, why would he openly ADMIT that he had sex with this girl, when in reality his legal charges were just exposure? Certainly there are more predatory elements to the story he may have wanted to remain hidden. The grooming, the fact he was a teacher and picked her up from a school, but the final charges didn’t include sex at all. Isn’t that a little BETTER than what he claimed?

Many people believe this indicates that perhaps Baird’s charges were reduced from the claim of Sexual Assault on a minor, made by the detective; to indecency more due to a good lawyer than actual innocence. Another circumstance that could erase all the charges of sexual assault would have been contamination of the SANE exam which would render that evidence inadmissible. For one reason or another 7 charges were dropped and Baird agreed to plea guilty to indecency by exposure.

The reason I made that so clear is the term “CHILD RAPIST” gets thrown around a lot in the case of Baird, and I just want to be clear that he was not only not convicted of that, but they also dialed it down to charges less severe than just touching. I also want to be clear again EVEN THAT IS WAY OVER THE LINE AND WRONG AND THERE WAS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS SITUATION TO HAVE EVER TAKEN PLACE TO BEGIN WITH. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE REALM BETWEEN RAPE AND EXOSURE IT WAS DEFINATATELY EVIL.

Terms of his probation included not using the internet to access material that is obscene and not to access social networking sites to communicate with any individual under 17 as well as not going to places where children gather without the permission of his probation supervisor.

In 2017 Baird was thereafter accused of being in violation of his probation including violations for failure to avoid the use of alcohol, pay a variety of court costs and fees, Baird allegedly failed to NOT make a number of social media profiles under fake names like TYRO MOONHOPPER and his other aliases. he failed avoid child safety zones by 1000 feet. He failed to NOT have contact with minor children without a chaperone and of course, failing to abide by his internet restriction prohibiting him from viewing obscene online material.

Keep in mind, this was in 2017.

This information was reportedly sent to Baird’s probation officer via emails which have since been made public.

Allegedly according to these emails, it was reported that John Lee Baird was accompanying his girlfriend at the time, Emma Hellesvig to the Bell Country Comicon, with her company, Glitter Princess Entertainment in Austin Texas. Glitter Princess entertainment, as the name might imply is a company that offers princess parties and magical moments for girls aged 2–18. On September 25 a comment appeared on their social media which showed Baird seemingly at the comicon with Glitter Princess Entertainment. Also confirmed by another commenter he was there.

In addition, the email also appears to show links to videos on the Glitter Princess Facebook page as well as supposed proof of attempts by Emma Hellesvig to Blame Baird’s 14 year old victim. This cannot be confirmed as, according to this email to a Travis county official, by November 8th, Emma Hellesvig removed the Glitter Princess Entertainment Facebook page.


Glitter Princess Entertainment, Now Closed; offered magical moments for little girls aged 2-18. The company where John Lee Baird's girlfriend employed him.

Glitter Princess Entertainment appears to have re-branded sometime thereafter as Magical Moments Princess Parties. One can only speculate as to why they may have decided to change the name. According to their website, Emma is still the owner.

I do not claim to know why Baird was allowed to remain free after this. However know now, this is not the last time he will seemingly violate the terms of his probation with little noticeable remorse.

And remember, the blogger we know (for now) only as “Lesbian Laura” openly endorsed this man in a 6000 word slander piece claiming Baird did nothing wrong, and I was an alt right leader of a gang called “Las Tejas”. More importantly than Laura being functionally retarded, is the fact that she is attempting to be the classic annoying white woman speaking for other people. While dragging them into things they want nothing to do with. Like defending the man described in this article. 

But Back to Baird. We will Meet “Lesbian Laura” in a later installment, in detail. First we should meet her citations and the people she is not only defending, but openly trying to trick the Austin LGBTQ community into also supporting him by NOT TELLING THEM WHAT SHE WAS ASKING THEM TO SUPPORT…

“Lesbian Laura”, Austin LGBTQ activist, thinks Trans and queer people are stupid and will just blindly do what she says. Classic spoiled white girl. No matter how much she claims to be “Latinex” I assert she has to be at least half white to have this much un-earned ego and entitlement to speak on other people’s behalf to involve them in things they never wanted to be a part of.

Austin Blogger "Lesbian Laura" magically forgetting to mention what the man she is trying to rally a community around did. It is not confirmed that Baird was even aware of her actions
Glitter Princess rebranded to “Magical Moments Princess Parties” sometime after it was discovered John Lee Baird, registered sex offender; was working with them at an anime convention.


The motion to revoke was denied by the judge, and Baird was allowed to continue living his life as a free man serving his time on probation. This theory about Baird having a rich mother and good lawyer is getting more believable now. I can think of a number of more innocent reasons this might be. Simple misunderstanding as this was his job, no photography of children being done that day. But the lack of common sense it takes a registered sex offender who is not allowed around children unsupervised, a disgraced ex teacher, to be found at anime conventions working for GLITTER PRINCESS PRINCESS PARTIES is astounding to any reasonable person.

So after that close call, he would never break his probation AGAIN right? Staying out of trouble must be his RELIGION now right? According to Tyro and “Lesbian Laura” of Austin Texas, he did nothing wrong and BARELY escaped by the skin of his teeth, the OOPSIE, Baird ended up in the CREEPIEST PLACE IMAGINABLE FOR KIDS as a PHOTOGRAPHER. Surely it ended there, right?

No. Because in our small online community we know John Lee Baird was using his Tyro Inchoate account in 2019 to contact me on behalf of Scoobie331 on June 18th 2019, 2 years later…The screenshots can be found to this day featured in that video. Also, interesting note for “Lesbian Laura” who did not do her research on Baird. I am not a “MAGA person” or member of the “Alt Right”. But you know who was an AVOWED “Alt Right” member, in those words? John Lee Baird. Ironic, eh Laura?

Screenshot from my Scoobie331 volume 4 video where Tyro contacts me to talk about Scoobie. Using an assumed internet alias seemingly against the terms of his probation, post almost having his probation revoked the first time.

And in addition to that, in 2021, Tyro Debated Gilded Poo on the subject of “lolcion” on multiple occasions. “lolicon” is a term referring to cartoon child pornography, typically from Japan. In these debates, Tyro argued FOR “lolicon”. This can be seen in the video below.


Click for video of the debate where John Lee Baird, on probation for indecency by exposure with a minor, debating for cartoon child pornography.

So unless the terms of John Lee Baird’s probation have changed, this could mean the evidence shown collected here in this could show that Baird has violated the terms of his probation, as they pertained specifically to obscene online material, and creating social media accounts under online alias.

Again, lets say there are nothing but innocent explainations for all of this. Can we call this man repentant even without the factor of malice? He seems to REFUSE to stop arguing to abolish the sex offender registry (In all likelihood because he is on it) and actually used his assumed online alias “Tyro” to Argue FOR child pornography in public. He FLAGRANTLY showed disregard for the courts rulings and for the judge who it seems has given him a LOT of chances already.

Baird can be heard on video BELOW during a livestream utilizing discord saying that he does not believe “his enemies can find him” with his new “Tyro” profile. Which apparently was different from a previous one. This shows the transition from the online aliases he WAS using, to his new ones after the court found out what he was doing. Again, The slander blogger who may have broken the law by false reporting with malice and tries to hide behind Anti-SLAPP laws, according to her postings as “posie Bindel” approves all of this and didn’t think the AUSTIN TRANS COMMUNITY WAS SMART ENOUGH TO NOTICE SHE WAS UNWITTINGLY TRYING TO TRICK THEM INTO DEFENDING AN UNREPENTANT CHILD SEX OFFENDER.

And now closer to home in 2022, John Lee Baird can be seen here talking to Chambers of my heart, 10 months before the information about his crime was discovered by his social group, talking about making a NEW social media alias.

Baird interacting online as Tyro as recently as 2022, which is a violation of his probation agreement


John Lee Baird, or Tyro Moonhopper / Tyro Inchoate / Return of the grasshopper has had MULTIPLE chances to get his kinks or internet addiction or whatever under control. He was weird when we knew him and nobody knew he was a sex offender and disgraced teacher. He would reportedly brag to people that the only thing he ever watched was anime, and was in favor of the open and legal distribution and consumption of lolicon, Japanese style drawings depicting child sex acts. When it was found that he had not only ACTUALLY PLED GUILTY OF A CHILD SEXUAL CRIME, but one where he takes a 14 year old from her school to his home to watch anime and play video games, yes; people were immediately made sick.

It was every stereotype of the anime obsessed adult attracted to young teens uwu-ing in sailor moon outfits. Right in our midst. And he was a TEACHER.

You can’t just claim “well maybe he thought she was 18” because there is really no good reason for a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER to be dating a girl who would be IN HIGH SCHOOL even then. There is no excuse for this, none. And then the realizations slowly hit as people would see Tyro’s DM’s or messages and consider the date of his conviction…And wondered if he had CONDITIONS on that probation regarding things like online aliases. And what about that stream in 2021 with Gilded poo where he argues FOR animated child sex acts to be legal and advocating that viewing this material was healthy.

Baird seems unrepentant. Flaunting his need to go online and at least, DISCUSS the material the terms of his probation strictly forbids. And all this AFTER the scandal with the princess party business? Why would you GO NEAR A PRINCESS PARTY BUSINESS if you were a sex offender who was trying to stay out of prison?

Do I think showing some DM’s from 2022 and this already public stuff here will get Baird in any trouble regarding his probation? Nope. It’s 2023, my last communication with him was in 2019, and if they haven’t seen or done anything regarding his “Tyro Moonhopper” accounts or the lolicon debate, chances are, for some reason they aren’t going to. One can only speculate as to why.

John Lee Baird sex offender registry entry that "Lesbian Laura" seemingly did not bother to even look up.

And that, is the story of John Lee Baird. It was very important you know that, because He is still out there somewhere a free man, unrepentant and violating his probation in full view of hundreds if not thousands. Hopefully he is not online or doing little girls birthday parties. And hopefully the trans community in Austin does not fall victim to the predatory cry-bullying of the childish revenge blogger who we will meet later but now refer to as “Lesbian Laura”. 

I’ll leave you with this friends. Freedom of speech is a great thing. But Anti-CLAPP laws don’t protect when you can prove malice is involved, nor in situations where it can be proven you made false reports to law enforcement or tried to false flag a dangerous emergency to groups online. Those things are crimes. One civil and one VERY criminal. As I am a free man with no warrants it is clear I have committed zero crimes, despite what “Lesbian Laura” tries to put over about conflicting MASSIVE (Fictional) investigations on Baird’s behalf by Austin Police. These are issues we can discuss later when I expose Laura HERSELF as she has attempted to do to others. But for know, know that “Lesbian Laura” went on a one woman crusade to trick the Austin LGBT community, a community already burdened by people calling them things like “groomer” and “pedophile”; into openly endorsing and supporting this man. I assert she did this for no other reason than I criticized her twitter friend “Queen Maxine” on Twitter, who you can learn about HERE (Also endorsed by “Lesbian Laura”, who also doesn’t mention WHAT QUEEN MAXINE DID; which was expose himself to a crowd at the Texas State Senate that included underage attendees.)

From Laura’s article on a trans website that I will leave unnamed, again FOR NOW…To give her the opportunity to wipe her fuckery from the internet before I go any further with everything I have collected… Here is  how Laura describes the person above:

“The American legal system is corrupt. Every day, fascist cops, predatory prosecutors, and corrupt judges force thousands of innocents to accept plea deals that label them guilty – all for the sake of maintaining institutional oppression. Who are the most common victims? The economically disadvantaged, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. One of the institutions used to oppress is the Sex Offender Registry. While claiming to be protecting communities, it is used as an anti-trans, anti-queer weapon. Red state anti-trans bathroom bills criminalize trans women for using any public restroom. If they enter the correct one, they are labeled a “predator.” If they enter the men’s room, they are labeled a “prostitute.” Both routes lead to being turned into a sex offender.

This use of the registry as an anti-queer weapon is not accidental. When Maxine St. James bravely protested the fascist legislation of Texas, the Department of Public Safety threatened to arrest her as a “pervert” if she continued to exercise her rights. Meanwhile, the DPS officers who molested and assaulted her, the true sexual aggressors, faced no repercussions for their actions. Online, hate group leaders called for her to be put in prison. The registry, far from being a safety line, is instead a noose that bigots want to string around our necks at any opportunity. It’s what underscores every accusation that “queer people are coming for your children.” Maxine was fortunate to escape being fully captured by a system of injustice. Sadly, many are not so fortunate. In Travis County alone, there are thousands of queer and BIPOC people who are in the system for no reason other than systemic discrimination. People’s lives were destroyed by those looking for any excuse to punish “the other.”

Funny she never mentions this open, admitted male prostitute exposed himself to a crowd that included underage kids. I WONDER WHY SHE WOULD LEAVE THAT OUT?



"Mistress Maxine" The open Austin Texas Prostitute who exposted himself at the Texas State Senate's "TS4RENT" profile. (Source: Twitter.com)
The anime vs. Reality moment when "Maxine Laqueen exposed himself to hundreds of people in Austin. "Lesbian Laura" tends to forget to mention this a lot.

Not only was it important just to publicize this information due to it possibly proving that an unrepentant sex offender that was hiding in our online community was breaking his probation for the SECOND TIME doing it. But it also serves as a supplemental article to one that is coming about a very special little slander blogging child who attempted to harm an underage girl as well as attempted to convince the LGBT community to hate mob against yours truly…Again…To unwittingly support someone who did something terrible. You see, Lesbian Laura likes to lie by omission. “HELP ME SUPPORT THIS NONBINARY PERSON OF COLOR FROM THESE CHRISTIAN MAGA TERRORISTS!” meanwhile…The “Maga terrorists” are threatening nobody, don’t even like Donald Trump and are Agnostic at best. they are just talking about how gross it is that John Lee Baird was among us in an online community.  And once again the LGBTQ community in Austin BARELY DODGED being humiliated by listening to an admitted “Neurodivergant” (undiagnosed insufferable person who refuses to grow up and take accountability for their own behavior) who was using them as patsies to do her bidding.

John Lee Baird is a creepy, sick man. And “Lesbian Laura” who’s identity remains with me alone, for now; believes the LGBTQ community in Austin is as retarded as she is, and will rally around anything she says. Typical spoiled eternal college brat who refuses to grow up and get with the program. 

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